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Dhillon Transport has been
in operation since (2007).

We are an Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) shipping provider that prides ourselves on being built on key company principles of honesty, integrity and dedicated service.

Our top priority is to build lasting customer relationships by providing consistent on time, safe and secure delivery, pro-active tracing, and customized customer support.

We have mastered logistics solutions that offer ways to decrease transportation costs and streamline operations, thus increasing your bottom line!

This company has grown from a one man operation and has evolved into a high- service, dependable and value creating supply chain partner that serves Canada and its largest trading partner, the United States.

Today this family owned and operated business provides a full array of transportation services and strives daily to accomplish its vision of expanding customer service through innovation, creativity and teamwork!

We are everywhere
you need

While our head office is located in
Laval, Quebec, our transportation
solutions are offered to small,
medium and large companies
spanning a multitude of industries,
located across North America.

Why choose Dhillon Transport?

Cost Savings

Flexible prices is one of our main priorities. We collaborate with you in order to give the best possible rate for shipping your freight whether your shipments are traveling into Canada, out of Canada or across Canada.

Time Savings

You can count on us to put the extra effort to develop a strong relationship with top quality service and on-time delivery.

Customer Service

We believe in growing with our customers. So your success is our success. We work hard to actively listen to our customers’ demands and ultimately respond to your transportation needs.

You may not know about us

Our FTL & LTL pick-up
and deliveries are on
schedule 99% of the time

We provide expedited services
to meet YOUR commitments
at competitive rates.

Cross border shipping is
our speciality without
lengthy hold ups

Our drivers are certified in
handling and transportation
of fragile goods

After hours on call staff
and 24/7 assistance

Let Dhillon Transport manage your
shipment from start to finish!